“I trust and love you to look over me, should anything happen. My phone will send you a text if it detects that I have been in an accident...“
  • 1. After you watch the introductory video, you are asked to pick your guardian angels
  • 2. Your guardian angels, who can be selected from your contact list, are the people who will receive a notification when anything happens to you
  • 3. Your guardian angels receive a text message asking them to accept the invitation and become your angel
  • 4. If we detect something unusual and the notification is triggered, you can still cancel the false alert during the safety countdown


A smart algorithm keeps an eye on you and your environment. When the app is running on your smartphone, it will continuously monitor your location, movement speed, forces of acceleration and various data from other sensors. We use that information to detect situations that would indicate that you were in an accident. Your last known location and other vital information is sent to your angels, who can call you and notify first responders if you don't answer.

In case of a false alarm ( you drop your phone, fall while snowboarding or doing jumping jacks ) the app may evaluate your fall as an accident. You can still cancel and stop the notification from being sent to your angels by tapping the 'I am OK' button within the preset time limit.


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